27 – Pax Pamir 2e

January 19, 2021

In our “What’s Up?” segment, we talked about the game we preordered this week called The Initiative. Take a look at the description and the video below.

The Initiative

Here is the game featured in this episode: Pax Pamir, Second Edition. Isn’t the map board great? It is definitely a beautiful game to look at.

If you have played Pax Pamir, we would like to hear your thoughts. As we discussed, this game is a tough one mentally for us. We want to understand the strategy better. And, we want to know what makes people love this game. Comment below, send us an email, or message us on Instagram.

Games set in history are interesting to us. Here are a few that we have played outside of Pax Pamir.

What’s bringing Christian joy outside of board games? One wheels! Check out the information below if you are curious about one wheels too.

One Wheel Info — see how cool it is!!

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