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We're Christian and Angela, and we are a husband and wife who love to play and talk board games. Come listen as we chat about board games and the stories they tell.

If you haven’t jumped into Marvel Champions, here is the core set that comes with the five heroes and three villains we mentioned. If you are ready to dive deeper and expand your game experience, there are individual hero packs and villain packs. This is the Rise of Red Skull campaign we mentioned. It provides […]

Marvel Champions 101

We fight the bad guys in X-Men: Mutant Insurrection a new game from Fantasy Flight Games. We chat about singing, and weighted blankets, and a (another) special segment on Marvel Champions.

28 – X-Men Mutant Insurrection

In our “What’s Up?” segment, we talked about the game we preordered this week called The Initiative. Take a look at the description and the video below. The Initiative Here is the game featured in this episode: Pax Pamir, Second Edition. Isn’t the map board great? It is definitely a beautiful game to look at. […]

27 – Pax Pamir 2e

We take time to talk about our favorites and least favorites games played in 2020. We also gaze into the gameing future of 2021. 

26 – A look back and ahead

We hit the trail and talk about Parks. We also fit in some time to chat about Xmas lights, Unlock games, and TV

25 – Parks

We hit the ancient trade routes and talk about the 2 player game Targi, other 2 player games, and the Board Game Geek Secret Santa! 

24 – Targi

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