Episode 22 – One Year of Podcasting (Marvel Champions Revisit)

October 12, 2020

It’s been one year since our first podcast episode and we are revisiting a game we talked about in one of our very first episodes: Marvel Champions. This game has developed a lot in its first year, and we share what we like, dislike, and what we’ve learned. We also talk about what’s in store for the future of Married and Board, as well as celebrate with a fun rapid-fire question time!

Plaid Hat Games released a companion app for Abomination. We really enjoy this game, especially in the Halloween season! Check out the link below for the app, and let us know what you think if you try it out.

Abomination Companion App

We are making progress on our new game shelf area in our house. Christian shared that we finally received our Kallax shelf from IKEA, and we are happy that all the games we hoped would fit on the shelf do fit (with some room for others that have been in storage). Now we’ll be adding doors and faux built-in bookshelves. We will update with pictures once it is finished!

We are looking forward to joining the BGG Secret Santa Gift Exchange this year. Even though you can’t sign up quite yet, take a look at our wishlist and let us know your thoughts. Anything you think we should add? Anything we should remove (haha)?

Our Holiday Wishlist

The majority of this episode is us talking about Marvel Champions LCG by Fantasy Flight Games. We discussed this game on the podcast when it released almost one year ago, and, wow, has a lot happened in this game since then! There are a lot of things we love about this game, a few things that aren’t our favorite, and plenty that we have learned.

Here is a picture of the art case turned Marvel Champions storage that Christian created. The box is a generic art case from a craft store. The insert is from Broken Token.

Christian mentioned wanting upgraded components to games in our rapid fire questions. Here is a fun shop we found on Etsy with upgraded game components. Do you have any games with upgraded components? We’d love to know what you have!

Buy the Same Token Shop

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