Marvel Champions 101

March 7, 2021

If you haven’t jumped into Marvel Champions, here is the core set that comes with the five heroes and three villains we mentioned.

If you are ready to dive deeper and expand your game experience, there are individual hero packs and villain packs. This is the Rise of Red Skull campaign we mentioned. It provides a story arc for the heroes you play. We have played it once through at this point (heroes: Ant-Man/Justice and Dr. Strange/Leadership), and really enjoyed the experience!

Christian bought this art case at a hobby store, and it has become our Marvel Champions game storage. Below you can see a picture of our current arrangement; but as the game expands and our tastes change, we might switch up how we arrange the cards.

You can also see the plastic storage containers we found at our local Dollar Tree. They were in the craft aisle and come in a three-pack. We use these storage containers for tokens and pieces in SO many of our games. It was an amazing find that we just happened to stumble across.

Artist Supply Box | Hobby Lobby | 125005

Horizontal Card Organizer for Wooden Artist Case – The Broken Token

We also wanted to include a link to an Esty store that makes upgraded tokens for Marvel Champions. Upgraded tokens are not a necessity, but, wow, these are cool! We just ordered ours and can’t wait to try them out in our next play-through.

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  1. Dion Carpenter says:

    I just listened to your podcast. It gave me some things to think about the next time I play Marvel Champions (mulligans, no-aspect Thor, etc.). I’ve bought enough additional hero packs to start thinking about an alternative storage solution and the supply box/card organizer combo looks like a good way to go.